Are you Scared of Giants?

We will always find difficulties and obstacles, even when we are walking on the path God has prepare for us, walking on the perfect will of God... The question is this: How are you going to react when you are confronted with those obstacles?

I determine this year to read the Bible with the desire to obtain know more of the God I serve, to draw closer to HIM. I want to understand HIS character. At this point I am reading Numbers 13. I have observed how God is teaching His people about holiness, mercy, provision, order, law.

God is preparing this people to enter the promised land. He said on Num 13: 2 Send men to explore and scout out [for yourselves] the land of Canaan, which I give to the Israelite. (Amp.) What happen next is that the scouts see the beauty of the land and how fruitful is; but they also see the giants and the high walls that surrounded the cities. All the sudden, all they were concerned was the giants, how courageous and how many were they. how fortified were their cities. All the sudden they forgot about the God that has perform so many miracles in their sight, that has provided for them,whose voice they have heard.

There is a process that prepare us on the way and that process is prepared by God, is our test in order to reach our destination. God wants us to trust Him, to overcome all the obstacles; all the giants, strongholds and walls in our life. He had promised to be with us, and with Him we can do all things. We will learn as we go, to fight the enemy, even when is greater in stature and number, on our sight. We have to change our point of view. If you look at things from God's perspective, you will notice that those that looks like giants to you are like dust before our GOD. Our faith will grow as we exercise it be trusting the Almighty God we serve, to understand and rely on Him He is our fortress, our shield,(Psalm 18:2) our rearguard (isa. 58:8).