Are We Making a Difference?

As Christians we , we trust by faith in our Salvation,and  have accommodate to a feel good, and a be blessed Gospel.  I am afraid that the good news has become old news to the church, and there is no desire to know HIM more.  Do we think  we know everything there is to know about our Lord?  The Lord says": "For my thoughts are not your thoughts,neither are your ways my ways,"      declares the LORD. Isa. 55:8

The Gospel are good News and news are to be proclaimed everywhere.   The Good  News are for those that are like we were once, without Christ. HE is alive and still working in our midst.  The question is... Are we aware of HIM?, Where is HE doing a miracle today?  Who does HE want to touch today?   Who does HE wants to use?  Maybe us?
How we are going to know if we do not seek HIM with passion, without limits, relying on HIM like HIS first disciples did?  They saw and did great miracles, and Jesus said they will see greater things because HE was going to the Father, the Holy Spirit came ( which is the Spirit of Christ), and now HE is in each one of us.  Are we forgotten that we are the Temple of the Holy Spirit,  that because God live inside of us HE can use us to do the good works?
We read the book of Acts and how the gospel spreaded.  The people of that time experience miracles and wonders. Their accounts were written, and we can read about all those wonderful things.  Did it all ended there? No, for centuries more people have come to the knowledge of Christ, and many people around the world experience miracles in their lives. 

What I am trying to get to is :  What is our story, as a Christian, what can I tell about my God , the Savior that gave HIS life for me?   How is my story impacting my family, my friends and neighbors?  What is my legacy? I am not trying to say, that we are to go around promoting ourselves as religious people, and feeling that we are more saints than other people. Nevertheless, I believe that in humbleness God is still wanting us to love Mercy, seek Justice. 

I believe that we are to rise again and be those kind of Christians that turn the world upside down, because evil is abounding and rising to the top, and our Lord came to destroy the power of the enemy over our lives.  I believe that if we understand that we cannot do anything without Jesus Christ, whenever HE uses us to heal someone, we will glorify HIS Name.  HIS Name is glorified when someone accept HIS sacrifice and become a Christian because we were obedient to the Holy Spirit and share the gospel. We glorify HIS name, HE uses us to speak a word of comfort to a mourning person or when someone is set free of spiritual oppression by the power of the Holy name of JESUS.

Today more that any other time in history we have to go back to our roots.  As Christians, we understand that Jesus is the Vine, we can do nothing without HIM.  We are to believe, trust and rely on HIM as a child trust his parents.  We cannot separate from the Vine, we are to produce fruit, we are to grow and share with others. That is what the apostles and disciples did back then, and they were witness of great things.  Now is our turn.